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GSA Team

High-Quality Stock Footage

of Exotic and Domestic Animals Over Green Screen.

Made for Producers
zero hassle

Our motion footage allow producers of creative content the fastest, easiest and most cost effective, way to get images that would normally be not only difficult but expensive to capture.

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footage - up to 6k

Our footage is available in a variety of formats and resolutions, from 720 HD to ultra high-quality 6K. Whatever the scale of your project is, we have you covered.

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award winning

GreenScreen Animals has provided footage too a variety of projects, including television shows, music videos and even feature films. We have provided footage for Jay Z, Katy Perry, David Fincher, J.J. Abrams and many others.

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we take care of the difficult, expensive part

We provide animal content that redefines the future of animals in storytelling.

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Your media will deliveRED via FTP. The delivery Camera is on a per project basis but we usually reccomend Apple ProRes. Additional fees apply for harddrive deliveries and couriers.

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